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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Captain begins new innings

As expected Captain Vijayakanth has floated a political party. The media was rife with rumours about this and it has turned out to be true. I was thinking about the career path for filmstars and politicians. Filmstars seem to take the established path of joining politics and politicians (especially from Tamilnadu) seem to start Engineering Colleges after they retire from active politics.

Vijayakanth has already started a Engineering College and now he has jumped into the political arena. SambharMafia caught up with the Captain and asked about his filmi career and his political ambitions.
Sambhar Mafia:- Congrats on your new venture.
Vijayakanth:- Thank You!

SM:- What is the next project that you are working on?
VK:- Actually, none of the heroines want to act with me. Hence I don't have any project right now. However, I have finalized the name for the next movie - it will be called "MADURAI EXPRESS". I have selected a English name so that it will provide me yet another opportunity to fight with Dr. Ramadoss. Once I find a suitable heroine I will decide on my new project. Since I was anyway sitting idle at home, I used this time to float my own party.

SM:- How could you amass 60,000 people in a place like Thiruvannamalai for the launch of your political career?
VK:- My friend Ibrahim Rowther had given an ad in a newspaper asking for new faces (hero & heroine) for his next film. 60,000 people had applied for the same. We called them over to Thiruvannamalai for the screening process. They agreed to act as audience for the launch of my political party.

SM:- Have you formed your political agenda?
VK:- My script writer is working on it. I'm also trying to rope in Liyakat Ali Khan. One thing is for sure, I'm going to demand that Madurai should be made a separate state. I have the backing of Vaigai Puyal Vadivel also.

SM:- Have you decided on the flag or the name for the political party?
VK:- My banner artistes are working on the flag. I have instructed them that it should not contain any colours which are used in the PMK flag. I'll see to it that the flag contains the Soolam which I used in the movie "Gajendra". My party's name will consist of all letters in the English language.

Since Captain can't speak in English we used Mimicry Mayilsami for this interview.

Stay tuned to Sambhar Mafia for more Kollywood action.


  • Captainkku varaatha ore mozhi aangilam...mayilsaami punniathil naam pozhaicchoam.

    By Anonymous Ram, at 11:27 AM  

  • Saurav to Vijaykanth --- I am the captain and how dare u call youseelf Captain. Pls apologise
    Vijaykanth --- "Sorry" englishla ennaku pidiakatha ore varthai athu than. ( matha ethuvum varathu - athu vera vishayam )
    Saurav --- Nagma has told me about you and your activities. Will inform Mafia ( not the sambhar kind ) through her and take care of you
    Vijaykanth --- ennai evan da miratradhu. en kannellam red agi, vetii a madichi katti, suvathila kalai vech paranthu paranthu adichena....ah nalla idea va irukke. namma adutha padathuku intha story line vekkalam polirukke

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:56 PM  

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