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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Peek Into One's Profile

In recent times, there has been lot of talk about privacy on the internet. Social networking sites are usually the focal point of such debates. Most people would not want their personal profiles (like the one in Orkut) to show up in search results. Social networking sites like Orkut take care of this as only registered users have access to your profile. Even this doesn’t ensure that your info remains private.

While googling for a person’s name, I noticed that the person’s profile on a popular Indian matchmaking portal was among the top results. I don’t understand why the Indian matrimonial site is offering free access to this information. Shouldn’t the profile be available only to people who are actively looking for partners. It may make sense for the Indian matrimonial site to offer this information only to registered users. I don’t think most people know that such a profile can throw up in search results. If that is the case, they might have taken up this issue with the respective sites. Maybe this clause is neatly tucked under the terms and conditions page where people usually click on the ACCEPT button.

Those who have refrained from disclosing their name in such sites can heave a sigh of relief. The others need to bear in mind that all their personal info is just a click away.

Monday, January 01, 2007

TN Multiplexes Heave a Sigh of Relief

As widely expected, MK has exempted multiplexes from the Rs. 50 upper limit for movie tickets and has fixed a cap of Rs. 95 – 120 for multiplexes meeting certain criteria.

Multiplexes with three or more theatres, having additional entertainment features, food counter and airconditioning could charge Rs. 120 (maximum) and Rs. 10 (minimum) per ticket. Multiplexes meeting specified norms could charge a maximum of Rs. 95 and a minimum of Rs. 10.

Those with two or more air-conditioned halls, a total seating capacity of 800, a generator with 100 per cent power back-up, digital projection and sound system and any five additional specified features could charge a maximum of Rs. 85 and minimum of Rs. 10.[Link]

I still feel that MK should not have poked his nose in this whole affair. By fixing Rs. 10 as the cap on the cheapest ticket, MK is indirectly pushing the multiplexes to charge higher for premium tickets so that they can cross-subsidize the two categories.