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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Maaya or Mayavi?

I have been eagerly looking forward to the release of Surya's forthcoming film Mayavi. The date of release has been postponed atleast 2 times. I just hope that there are no further delays (Otherwise it could end up joining the Tamil New Year Traffic Jam which has big names likes Chandramukhi, Mumbai Express, Sachin & Anniyan).

Mayavi's music has already got some good reviews. The music is by Devi Sri Prasad and this is his first full fledged movie in Tamil. Earlier, he had composed a few songs for Thirupachi. BTW Devi Sri Prasad was one year junior to me in school. He used to play the mandolin during our School Annual Day and became quite popular due to his musical prowess. He has already made a mark in the Telugu music scene and I just hope that he replicates it in Tamil as well.

I'm also awaiting the Audio release of Chandramukhi (Music by Vidyasagar) and Shankar's Anniyan (Music by Harris Jeyaraj).


  • Hi Kapil

    When you told me about the Blog site, I expected the Movies will get some prominence. Proved it!! Keep going.


    By Anonymous Ram, at 4:52 PM  

  • Hi Kaps...Thanks for linking me from your blog.

    if you want me to link you...just leave a message here -


    And I wud know. And good start here...

    By Anonymous jammy, at 5:08 PM  

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