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Monday, March 21, 2005

Nalli 101 - Paving way for more traffic jams?

According to the Business Line, Nalli plans to open lifestyle stores on the lines of Globus, Shoppers Stop & LifeStyle.

Chennai's Usman Road / Panagal Park area is famous for Jewellery and Textile stores. It is also famous for the traffic jams. It is quite common to see such traffic jams even during the off-peak season. Although much has been talked about, very little has been done to ease the traffic congestion in this area. It is high time the retailers decide to move to other locations so that customers don't get upset over traffic jams and parking space. The big retailers (like Nalli & Kumaran) need to set the trend so that others can follow suit. Although Nalli hasn't revealed where their new store will be located, I'm quite sure that South Usman Road / Panagal Park area will be on top of their list.


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