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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Xpensive Pair of SOX

Few months ago one of my friend moved to the US to work as a SOX consultant. Initially I didn't know what SOX meant. Since there were lot of acronyms in IT, I thought that it might be yet another software platform. I searched on Google and found out the full form of SOX. Although I had heard about Sarbanes Oxley Act earlier I didn't know that they had coined an acronym for this Act. I keep hearing more and more about SOX @ work as well. NewsWeek reports that cost of complying to this new regulation is so prohibitive that corporations are having a relook at whether their company should continue to be a publicly listed company. Indian companies which are listed in the US markets (Wipro, Infosys, ICICI Bank, Dr. Reddy's Labs etc) have put in lot of resources and created new departments to ensure SOX compliance.


  • I know of two sox - one that rhymes with this and covers my foot. The other - spells the same and is a lamp ( Low pressure sodium vapour lamp ). It is quite expensive as well. Is this what they call ACP ( arbit class participation )

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:48 PM  

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