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Sunday, April 24, 2005



I watched the English classic “Godfather Part I” over the weekend. One of the background score reminded me of the Hindi song “ Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Haya” from the Hindi movie “Akele Hum Akele Tum”. The music for this Hindi movie has been scored by Anu Malik. This is not the first time Anu Malik has been “inspired” by other songs. I was damn sure somebody would have already come across this and put it up on the web. My search landed on this site. One of my friends had suggested this site earlier. This is a good site to find out the sources for some of the “inspired” songs. Even the Gods – ARR & Ilayaraja have not been spared.


Thanks to Manoj of Minorscale, I managed to get a sneak preview of the song “Kadhal Yaanai” from Anniyan. I managed to grab the song from here , however when I checked again this site seems to be down (probably due to the fact that a large no. of users are trying to access the same page). It has been reported that Anniyan Audio will be officially released on April 29. However some of our Film related (MP3 Download) sites have managed to get 1 song of the much-awaited movie.

My first impressions of this song – Typical Shankar song, peppy and more than 50% of the lyrics are in English. Harris Jeyaraj has doled out yet another typical score from his repertoire. This is no way near what I expected. I tried to listen to the song few more times and I had a strange feeling that the charanam (stanzas) resembles the score of the song “Seriya Thavara” from the movie 12B (Harris Jeyaraj had scored the music for this movie as well).


I happened to hear the song “Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai” from the Hindi Blockbuster BOBBY. Laxmikant Pyarelal had done the music for this movie.

This song reminded me of the Tamil song “Anantham Anantham” from the movie Poove Unakkaga. S A Rajkumar had done the music for Poove Unakkaga.


String Quartet BOND is one of my favourites. The All girl Band consists of 2 British artists and 2 Australian artistes. Their tracks have been played even in the last Olympics. I’m so addicted to them that I have started using their CD as the Wake Up track in my Alarm Clock cum CD Player. I had the privilege of catching them Live in Action at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during their Asian tour last year. They have 3 albums to their credit – Remixed, Shine and Classified. SHINE is really outstanding.

Our Kollywood music director Music Director, Vidyasagar used one their tracks as the prelude to the song “Enna Seyya” in the movie Parthiban Kanavu.

Copyright can be redefined as the "Right to Copy". If composing music is so easy, Kaps will be queuing up in front of Kollywood Directors / Producers for a chance. I am redesigning my hairstyle (on the lines of ARR, Adithyan, Hariharan & my guru Yanni) so that I can make a beeline to Kollywood.


  • The song of Anniyan is still available for download at http://www.tamilnapster.com/

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:06 PM  

  • The Laxmikant Pyarelal numbers for Bobby are all-time classics. I enjoy listening to all of them!

    By Blogger Jag, at 4:44 AM  

  • ho...now I understand why you selected the picture, shown in your profile. So, when r you changing your hairstyle? Which songs hv you decided to lift, as of now????

    By Blogger Ram.C, at 6:31 AM  

  • Anu Malik has even got an award for a film ( not sure which one as most of his music is copied ), the songs of which were copied from ARR.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:35 AM  

  • The list is endless... There has been a steady decline in creativity over the years. The audience,producers,directors need to be blamed too . Its a vicious circle.

    By Blogger Cogito, at 11:45 AM  

  • Kaps. Strangely i felt the voice in between also resembled the "Sariya Thavara" song. But i liked the Techno effect of the song.. it is sure a hit,.

    By Blogger keerthi, at 12:09 AM  

  • check out www.bollycat.com. about indian movies 'inspired' hollywood or otherwise.

    courtesy S.Anand

    By Blogger Bibs, at 12:22 AM  

  • Hope you also the measure by measure copy of the end titles music from 'The passion of the Christ' and making it 'Anniyan' theme

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:07 PM  

  • Do anyone know from which artist is the song keechu keliye from mugavari(ajith)is copied

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:13 AM  

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