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Friday, April 01, 2005

Indian Cricket - What will happen if the baton changes?

Received on the forward today -

What will Captain Vijayakanth say if he is appointed as the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team
India la motham 20 stadium irrukku..
60 curator irrukaanga !
1000 Players irrukkaanga!
Adhula men 860 women 140
Varushatthukku 45 match aadarom!
Aathanaiyum thokkarom! Enna Podhumaa???
Naan dhaan da pudhu captain!!
Match nadakkara edathukellam naan varuven!
ippo captain anathe latenu naa ninaikiren.
Puyal adichu kooda india thothu irukku
naa adichu India thothathe illai.


  • Ippollam Ennaku pudichha funny character captain than..refer to Chakra's posting on his next movie "tennis..." definitely hilarious...(but I cannot swallow his movies... If i am not wrong, the last movie of his, which I watched in the theatre was "Chinna gounder" way back in early 1990's)

    By Anonymous Ram, at 3:29 PM  

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