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Monday, April 04, 2005


Sachien (Sachin) Music Review

1. Va Va Va En Thalaiva sung by Shankar Mahadaven. The beats have been lifted directly from Michael Jackson's BAD. This is least expected from Devi Sriprasad. This peppy number might be an intro song. The lyrics have been writted in such a manner that they are useful in Vijay's image building exercise. Might turn out to be a punch song and hence become popular. Rating 7/10

2. Kanmoodi Thirakkumbodhu sung by Devi Sriprasad. This is the only melody song in the film. The beat resembles Mustafa Mustafa from Kadhal Desam. This song also reminds me of April Mathathil from Vaali (especially the Bell sound and whistle sound). The background score looks like a typical Harris Jeyaraj score (Ey Azhagiye Theeye from Minnale or some other song from Laysa Laysa). Devi Sriprasad's voice is a definite plus. My hunch is that this will be the most talked about song in this film. Rating 8/10

3. Gundu Maanga Thoppukulle sung by Jassie Gift and Malathi. Folk song ....might suit a dappankuthu dance sequence....typical Dhanush / Vijay / Deva kinda song. Jassie Gift fails to impress. Bhangra style beats have been used (similar to Kaathade Polae song in Mayavi).This song will not be something which you would like to hum for a long time. However they could work on the dance sequence to make a bigger visual impact. Rating 6.5/10

4. Dai Dai Dai Kattikoda sung by Karthik and Sunitha Sarathy. Proper item number. Sunitha Sarathy sounds more like Ila Arun in the film Mr. Romeo (Song - Muthu Muthu). Very average song. Unlikely to make an impact. Rating 5/10
5. Beat of Sachin - Instrumental song. Of late not many movies carry theme music. Earlier ones which made a mark were Rangeela, Bombay and 7/G Rainbow Colony. Although the Beat of Sachin may not be part of the above league, it is quite good.

6. Vaadi Vaadi sung by Vijay. Dappankuthu / Gaana song which will create a big impact with the front benchers. Goes without saying that this will be picturized in a market kind of location. Rating 7/10
Vijay's films are known for the hard hitting songs with group dance sequence. IMHO SACHIEN songs might not become as popular as earlier movies like Ghilli, Madurey, Thirupachi. They need a bit of the Vijay magic to increase the impact of Sachien's songs.
  • DEVI's PASSPORT TO KOLLYWOOD - The music of Mayavi and Sachien will help Devi Sriprasad in establishing himself as a main stay in the Tamil film industry. Maybe it is the right time for his entry.
  • VIDYASAGAR LOSING SHEEN - Vidyasagar is already losing sheen. He seems to have bitten more than what he can chew. His last 3 releases Ji, London and Chandramukhi have not made a big impact. He might have accepted more projects because of the top banners / heroes. However he might not have got quality time to work on these projects. I want Vidyasagar to compose music like he used to do in his formative years (recall Jaihind and Karna).
  • HARRIS IS SELECTIVE - Harris Jeyaraj has not had a single music release for the last 9 months (his last release was Chellamey). He has a policy of working on only 4 projects each year. Maybe he is not aware of the saying "Make hay while the sun shines" (Which Vidyasagar and Deva have practised to perfection). Anniyan's music is likely to outperform everything. Anniyan's audio release is scheduled for the second week of April.
  • MUMBAI XPRESS ON SCHEDULE - Mumbai Xpress music is due for release today (4th April). This is the first time Kamal is releasing the audio under his own banner.Ilayaraja has scored some of the songs in Hungary (Budapest). Meanwhile, Ilayaraja's "Thiruvasakam in Symphony" was due for release on April 14. Since there has been no build-up to this release I guess that the release of this album might be postponed.
  • Singer Hariharan celebrated his 50th birthday recently. - Looking at him nobody would say that he is 50 years old. These days it is very rare to hear Hariharan sing for Tamil songs. Hariharan used to sing a lot for A R Rahman. Since ARR has started focussing on other markets, Hariharan has not been singing that many songs in Tamil. Another reason for this is that each music director has his own coterie of singers. Let's take Vidyasagar, his coterie of singers include Tippu, Manicka Vinayagam, Karthik and Madhu Balakrishnan. Yuvan Shankar Raja might use Vijay Yesudas, Harish Raghvendra, SPB Charan. This polarization doesn't normally apply to singers from the North. Udit Narayan, KayKay, Sadhana Sargam sing for most of the music directors.


  • hi Kaps

    i believe, one of the song has the similar beating of "maro maro" song of Boys...in few places.

    but I feel that the audio will become a hit, due to vijay magic.

    By Anonymous Ram, at 9:43 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger PS Srinivasan, at 5:25 PM  

  • Good review. I don't think Devi Sri Prasad's entry into Tamil is anything to be excited about though - he is a glorified S.A.Rajkumar whose tunes sound very similar. A "beat-pattu" specialist in Telugu.

    Mumbai Xpress was something of a letdown for me.

    By Anonymous Karthik, at 3:41 AM  

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