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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Weekend Update - 3 movies & lots of reading

Watched 3 movies over the weekend - Bride & Prejudice, Runaway Jury and Sukran. Saurav Ganguly - Maggi noodles forward has been the most talked about forward in recent times. Wonder whether this a publicity gimmick by Nestle? Moving on to some things which caught my eye during my usual weekend news crawl
  • Read that ICICI One Source has started a research outfit called PIPAL RESEARCH (based in New Delhi) to do Business Analytics and Research (on the lines of iRevna and GE Analytics). They have advertised for a Country Head position in the latest issue of Economist.
  • TITANic leap by TATA group (Economist dated 2nd April) - India's TATA group showcased a SUV at the recently concluded Geneva Motor Show. Following the success of Indica and Indigo, TATA plans to manufacture the new SUV vehicle at their Pune plant and export it the world over. TATA group's game plan to push up exports so that they constitute atleast 30% of their total sales. They seem to be committed to Ratan Tata's pet project of a sub INR 1 lakh family car. I was eager to see some news on the succession plans in the TATA group and the likely contenders who might replace Ratan Tata. The media has been hinting that Keki Dadiseth is one the top contenders.


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