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Monday, May 16, 2005

Pan-IIM brand to take off

The IIT’s have been able to project a unified image (especially in the US) and now it’s the turn of the IIM’s to replicate the same. The IIT’s have far more number of alumni who occupy the upper echelons of the Corporate World. In contrast, IIM alumni have started the ascent only recently. The IIT brand has been hailed as India’s greatest export to the world. Of late, I have been getting some mails regarding the pan-IIM initiative, which is taking place in various places.

Pan-IIM initiative in Singapore

The various IIM alumni chapters in Singapore plan to hold a joint meet in August and this event will be called “Access India”. They are planning to bring out a directory of Singapore based IIM Alumni as well. They intend to rope in a Singapore Minister to address the gathering. The keynote speaker is likely to be a hotshot IIM Alumnus.

Pan-IIM initiative in Bay Area, US

Looks like Bay Area folks have taken the lead in creating the global brand identity for the IIM’s. They have managed to pull in Vivek Paul to address the IIM Alumni in the meet they propose to have on 11th June @ Santa Clara.

IIMB Alumni meet in Singapore

I had been to the IIMB Alumni Meet, which was held on 14th May. Although there are more than 120 alumni here, only 60 of them turned up. Quite predictably, there was a huge turnout from the recent (last 5) batches. The talks ranged from receding hairlines (not mine!) to bulging waistlines. It was also good to catch up on the latest gossips (job shifts, marriages etc).

One of the juniors told me that 18 people from the current batch (out of a total batch strength of 180) are going to take up jobs in Singapore. This figure of 10% is quite astounding. Local firms like DBS Bank, NKF and Temasek have become aggressive and have been making a beeline to Indian B-Schools in the last few years.

More Women joining MBA Courses

The Financial Express says that more women are climbing the corporate ladder. FE also says that more number of women are enrolling for MBA courses.

MBA Institutes or Placement Factories?

The Hindu has an article on whether the MBA’s Institutes are turning out to be Placement Factories


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