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Monday, June 20, 2005

Linking Park on Monday

Gowri has a nice write-up on the things one learns as a new housewife

Jayan reveals the five secrets of the perfect relationship

What makes a good blog? (via Journalism Dept, NYU)

New Indian Express on the Hot jobs of today and tomorrow

Shion Sosei came across an honest resignation letter at his work place. His quest for ideal resignation letters led him to a website dedicated for resignation letters. This might come in handy at a future date :-)

Fair and Handsome cream

It is common knowledge that lot of men use “Fair and Lovely” cream. To target this segment, marketers have launched a men’s cream, which has an identical name. This one would be called Fair and Handsome cream. (via Navin Sigamany)

IIFA Awards

Srivatsan Murali feels that the IIFA awards should cover more Indian languages so that they can truly represent Indian cinema.

Anniyan Reviews

As expected, the Blogosphere has been quite quick is coming out with its reviews of the latest Tamil flick Anniyan. Dreamstores Ram, Praveen, Jupiee, Balaji and Lakalaka Venkat have put up their reviews.

After readings these reviews I’m sure you’ll agree with me that lot of effort has gone into these reviews. These reviews will help us in keeping a check on the Mainstream Media.

What next?

Now that the Ambani feud is over, the Business press should think of some other thing to fill up their pages. Let’s see what they come up with.

Finally, I would like to share some news with you


  • very interesting set of links..each one made interesting reading

    By Blogger monu, at 2:15 PM  

  • As always, I love all these links... allways interested in reading interesting stuff. Keep going!

    By Blogger Govar, at 5:17 PM  

  • Thanks for plugging my entry dude !

    By Blogger Shion, at 5:58 PM  

  • thanx for linking my pice of iifa kaps

    By Blogger ada-paavi!!!!, at 6:29 PM  

  • Glad to see that you have a Linking Park too :)

    By Blogger Patrix, at 11:27 PM  

  • Good work on linkin park. Keep the park growing. And yeah, congrats on becoming a contributor at desipundit.com.

    By Anonymous Chandoo, at 4:34 AM  

  • Thanks for all the wonderful links.!

    Nice way to give all the Anniyan review links.!

    By Blogger Narayanan Venkitu, at 8:23 AM  

  • nice set of links... spent a good chunk of time reading up on all that!
    in case u're looking for yet another review, its at http://bbthots.blogspot.com/2005/06/anniyan.html :-)

    By Blogger Balaji, at 9:03 AM  

  • nice set of links...Have bookmarked the resignation link :))

    By Blogger PVS, at 11:05 AM  

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