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Saturday, August 13, 2005

TiS Clarification

Bala left a comment regarding the non-availability of TiS Cassettes. I thought of presenting his comments so that it gets highlighted.

The reason for the delay is technical, and nothing else. Welgate audios goofed up big time. With all the big guys Sony, HMV et all quoting very high margins, the audio rights were awarded to Welgate rather late. Hence the delay in the release of the cassettes and Special Edition DVDs. This is first hand info, BTW. If I'm not wrong, the CD runs for a little over 60 minutes and Welgate had to get imported casettes (because of the 60+ min duration of the album). Similarly, the making of the Special edition DVD also had a technical problem and should be out too. I heard both these pieces of information from Father Jegath himself.


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