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Friday, September 02, 2005

Your call is important to us - Press 1 for India, Press 2 for US

At a time when the political opposition (in the US) against outsourcing is showing signs of abatement, the US ambassador to India has said that most of the US customers actually want their transactions to be processed in India because of the lower processing time.

A company called Eloans sells home equity loans over telephone. The company has installed a voice mail that says press 1 if you want to get your home loan processed in India and 2 if you want it processed in the United States. If you pressed 1, you will receive a reply by tomorrow afternoon. If you pressed 2, you will get a reply in five days.

David C. Mulford, the U.S. Ambassador narrated the story to about 450 IIT students during an hour-long interaction at the institute on Thursday. According to him, more than 85 per cent customers pressed 1. That is the effect outsourcing jobs in the U.S. has on its people, he said.


  • This might do good to BPO image ...

    By Blogger Jagan, at 11:57 AM  

  • Good for Offshoring ..

    By Blogger Cogito, at 12:19 PM  

  • sure a definite boost to BPO industry after what happened in gurgoan, but i guess these are inevitable in a gloabl economy where price cutting is the mantra for wider profit margins.

    By Blogger harry, at 12:59 PM  

  • thats really good if they are really saying that they prefer to go to india. i think in uk its still at the stage where people are freaked out about someone in some strange country handling ur acct details. but you know what, if you try to get anything complicated done over phone or mail with any account (bank, cell, etc) you will soon realise why this is because a lot of people here just dont even want to understand what ur trying to say if its complicated. they are just looking for a known slot to put your case into.

    its really great if pub;lic opinion is changing on outrsourcing / offshoring in the USA cz when I last was working there (Texas, 2003/2004) it was really bad! There used to be reporters around, trying get interviews; the local people were hostile; we could really feel it.

    thanks for the tip. will fix that. i used to wonder about that

    By Blogger Prerona, at 1:51 PM  

  • at some point of time, people need to accept the current situation... as they have started accepting chinese goods.

    eventhough it is good for BPO industry generally, more and more competition is coming up. In the recent 'The Economist' article, they had mentioned about upcoming industry in South Africa as well.

    so, India needs to improve its services...

    By Blogger Ram.C, at 2:27 PM  

  • so "bangalored" actually means " better service"


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:54 PM  

  • thats very interesting.. but is it true?

    By Blogger Chakra Sampath, at 4:01 PM  

  • :-) nicely said, but per-se, the response time more depends on the business process they choose to implement, than, saying de-facto, processing in India will be faster


    By Blogger Arvind, at 11:26 PM  

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