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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Railways and punctuality

The Union Minister of State for Railways spoke at a University function in Chennai recently and he has mentioned that the Indian Railways can boast of 99.2% punctuality. It is very difficult to believe this figure. Guess the Railways needs a good statistician.

An address to Engineering students

Traditional manufacturing firms have been having a hard time trying to attract engineers. Some of factors working against them are better work culture and pay scales offered by the technology sector. These fears seem to have loomed large in this address by a CEO of an engineering firm.

"Indian physique and mindset are not acclimatised to BPO jobs, particularly night shifts."


  • Hai.. enga collegeee...

    Personally, I feel companies dont use the engineering talent effectively. Its really a pathetic situation that after completing Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, engineers bump hard to code Java and SQL...

    whats the point in doin their degree then???

    By Blogger Chez, at 2:11 PM  

  • Further, I wonder how much our college PR dept. spent to put this 'article' in Business Line.

    By Blogger Chez, at 2:13 PM  

  • While 99.2% does seem on the high side, we must admit that over the last decade there has been significant improvement in this area on the part of Indian Railways.

    By Blogger Aye Kay, at 3:22 PM  

  • Hi Magnus,
    Non-CS Engineers dont bump hard. It comes natural to most of them. Just bcoz someone does his CS or not doesn't mean talent. Itz their freedom to take their course and I dont see a pathetic situation. The economy will balance and other sectors will be able to create the same peer pressure that IT created and continues to create.

    By Blogger daZ, at 2:40 AM  

  • Our CEO seems to forget that in many large manufacturing units, night shifts are pretty much prevalent and even in the govt sector like the oil companies espescially since they have 24 hour refining operations and there are cases where people have to be on night shift for two to three months at a stretch before they finally get the day shift

    By Blogger redrajesh, at 1:25 AM  

  • I think 99.2% may be correct...I watched a documentary on Indian railways on BBC and it was amazing to see how the Indian railways has been functioning despite many handicaps.

    I have had only one problem with Indian Railways...that is cleanliness... Otherwise everything else seems to be ok

    By Blogger singman, at 5:13 AM  

  • Extending the analogy, the Indian physique is also not equipped to fluid exhaustion which might result from sexual activity. So Ladies and Getlemen...

    By Blogger Nilu, at 6:24 AM  

  • @Magnus Astrum,
    do u really think ur college paid to get this published in Business Line?

    I also feel that 99.2% is obscenely high....quite unbelievable

    It is true that traditional manufacturing sector also has night shifts

    It is difficult for me to believe such a figure. If accuracy is at the cost of passenger safety, then it is not worthwhile. there is a tremendous increase in the number of rail accidents.

    I knew u wud come up with something like this.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 10:28 AM  

  • Kaps, it is a fact they pay for slots like these. If you read the article itself you'll notice that its kind of advt-like. Every similar article will have the last paragraph alone listing all the speakers. I think they do have a template for this stuff.

    We know it becos we've been there and know how it is done. :-)

    By Blogger Chez, at 10:57 AM  

  • Hey Daz, the point was that, why should ppl do other field in the first case? they cud have taken CS itself!

    Its like learning two diff things. Isnt redundancy of time and money to do that?

    By Blogger Chez, at 11:00 AM  

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