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Friday, December 09, 2005

Bill Gates' Chennai Visit and Maran’s Blame Game

Bill Gates returned back ‘richer’ after his meeting with MK as he was presented an English translation of Thirukkural. Dayanidhi Maran’s attention grabbing exercise is scaling newer heights as he continues to take potshots at the opposition.

Dayanidhi Maran has made a statement that they couldn’t take Bill gates to TIDEL Park as the road conditions were not conducive. On top of this, Dayanidhi Maran makes a statement that nobody took the initiative to invite Bill Gates to Chennai. I don’t know the exact specifics, but couldn’t they have explored the possibility of taking Bill Gates in an helicopter to TIDEL Park? If egos were pushed aside, somebody could have worked with the State Authorities to ensure that the roads were spruced up. Bill Gates’ itinerary was kept under wraps and how can you expect the State authorities to know where all he is visiting. If Maran continues at this rate, his mudslinging initiatives will over shadow whatever good work he has done in the recent past.

Teakada also echoes similar thoughts

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  • Thank God BG didn't have more time to spend in Chennai. Else he would have been presented with copies of Tholkappiam, Purananooru etc. I guess Thirukkural should help MS in ironing out most of the bugs in LongHorn..

    Maran couldn't take BG to Tidel b'cos of bad roads? Seems he's not aware that mere mortals are using the same road to go to their offices in Tidel and OMR everyday. He should probably be asking himself how the meagre 500 Crore sanctioned by the Center would help in setting the damages right.

    Actually I was more worried that the PMK would launch an agitation demanding that BG speak in Tamil and change Windows it to Jannalgal.

    By Anonymous donthecat, at 3:55 PM  

  • Hope things change!

    Maran has succesfully portrayed a picture-perfect image without ego clashes that would be a plus for the state, should the DMK come to power. Too bad it has to happen, ironically, at the expense of the state itself!

    But watever said n done, Maran has done an excellent job in attracting investments to the state. My friends wokring at Redmond MS have been thrilled at Maran's attempt to convince BG to visit TN and bring up a development centr thr...

    By Blogger Chennai chatter, at 4:56 PM  

  • This looks like some cheap publicity stunt...Bill gates meeting MK is the best joke I have heard ...

    By Blogger Cogito, at 11:23 PM  

  • I believe Maran would have convinced Gates that his Grandpa is going to come back to power in May 06 and is gonna be the CM for the next 5 yrs from then (Giving the results of May-04 parliment elections as proof of concept).
    Maran to BG: "If you want to establish something big in chennai, you better start sleeping with my Granpa".
    Though I find myself ridiculous of BG meeting up with MK I cant think of any reason other than the one I had mentioned above.

    By Anonymous GD, at 3:22 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Deepa, at 7:31 AM  

  • Good post Kaps and a very valid point. But.....

    "If Maran continues at this rate, his mudslinging initiatives will over shadow whatever good work he has done in the recent past."

    Can someone elucidate what Maran has done so far? (No Nokia story allowed as he wasn't responsible for Nokia coming to Chennai)

    By Blogger Deepa, at 7:32 AM  

  • Kaps good that you have brought out this point. Have been having this in my mind for quite sometime. IF the centre and state are going to be non-co-operative this way i think it will not take us anywhere. Even when Manmohan singh comes to TN I think the first thing he should do schedule a meeting with JJ whether congress likes it or not JJ is the CM of the state and atleast that much respect she deserves. Whereas what happens is Maran takes him to meet everyone else and finally while leaving they meet JJ.Cheap politics by both the Marans what else?

    By Anonymous vasanthi, at 2:06 PM  

  • @Don The cat,
    It's not new for politicians to ignore the day to day problems of the common public

    @Chennai Chatter,
    Maran's ability to get global CEO's to visit Indian and TN is commendable. I hope he stops the mudslinging.

    I wonder what they spoke during that 30 minutes?

    Point noted. Even i thought on similar lines.

    I think he has done some good in his domain....telecom reforms and attracting foreign investment comes to my mind

    Manmohan Singh doesn't have much ego and hence he will accept. It's his coalition parties in Chennai that'll object his move.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 2:19 AM  

  • Yeesh, this is sinking to new lows. I work in TIDEL Park, and the approach road isn't too bad, at least from Adyar.

    The entrance is a bit messy, what with the rains playing havoc with the IT Highway Project and all, but otherwise it's perfectly.

    Having said all that, giving 'bad roads' as an excuse for not going somewhere in Chennai is pathetic. You couldn't go anywhere then!

    In the world (sic), people drive on the left of the road, while in Chennai, people drive on what's left of the road..

    By Blogger shrik, at 3:53 AM  

  • read about it in the hindu, and i'm quite excited about the developments.

    By Blogger revatechnic, at 9:04 AM  

  • @Shrik,
    Maran should have handled this issue better. I wonder why the ruling party is keeping quiet about this.

    I would like to read the fineprint before getting excited.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 12:50 PM  

  • Appreciate Maran and DMK's Thirukurral gesture. We have to remind MNCs about our values. Other states should follow this rather than selling out completely to MNCs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:00 PM  

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