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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Celebrating Christmas & New Year in Philadelphia

My vacation has finally begun. Although I don’t prefer to take holidays during peak periods (airfares are way too expensive, tickets are difficult to get, air travel becomes chaotic), I decided to disregard that stand and finally proceeded with a much-needed break. The temperature here is a bit too cold by my standards (don’t get me started on Chennai and Singapore weather), but I’m told that it is much better that it was in the previous weeks.

It’s time to have some great home food and also taste mom’s sambhar:-)

I will try to blog as and when time permits. I also intend to play catch up on my ever-increasing list of Bloglines feeds. I also have plans to meet a few bloggers during my stay here. Let’s see how that goes.

Internet browsing in International airports

Having transitted through two airports before reaching here, I noticed some things about the free internet browsing facility offered in some of the international airports. A majority of the people who use these facilities fail to logout of their email accounts and hence are putting their personal information at risk. Every public terminal that I noticed has atleast one webmail account (yahoo / hotmail / gmail), which the user hasn’t logged out. I don’t know how we can explain this phenomenon. One reason could be that people are rushing to catch their flight and hence they might have forgotten to log out. Not logging out from a public terminal in the airport might be less hazardous than the same act in a browsing centre. In the airport, the people might not have the time or the inclination to use your email account to their advantage as they might be rushing to catch their own flights. In sharp contrast, the person in a browsing centre might have ample time at his/her disposal to take advantage of this personal information. I feel that the airports should put up some bold notices urging people to logout everytime people access their email from a public terminal. Such reinforcement will probably alert people about the nature of this risk.


  • Welcome to the United States

    (Form I-94)


    By Blogger thennavan, at 1:40 AM  

  • Hope you are having fun there Kaps. Enjoy mum's cooking

    By Blogger WA, at 2:01 AM  

  • Have a merry christmas and happy new year

    By Blogger SLN, at 4:26 AM  

  • KAPS u are in PHILLY? I am 30 miles away in Wilmington.. Can we meet?

    By Blogger anantha, at 6:48 AM  

  • Have fun ! Happy new yr.

    By Blogger Cogito, at 10:40 AM  

  • Have a wonderful holiday time Kaps.

    By Blogger Jo, at 4:04 PM  

  • Happy New year and merry Xmas!

    By Blogger Govar, at 5:38 PM  

  • @Thennavan,
    Thanks for the warm welcome :-)

    so far so good. home food is yummy!

    Thanks and wish u the same

    Thanks! Wishing u the same

    Hope u had a great X'mas!

    Thanks and wish u the same

    By Blogger Kaps, at 11:14 PM  

  • Welcome to the USA, and the cold, cold weather! Philly is a great place to hang out.


    By Anonymous Kamla, at 12:04 PM  

  • Check out the history when in Philly assuming you have not watched National Treasure! When you want to hear Indian "gaalis" head UPenn side.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:06 PM  

  • humm didnt realise must have missed this post - have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year ;)

    By Blogger visithra, at 12:55 PM  

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