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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Movies movies everywhere!

Chennai’s Sathyam Cineplex has unveiled its plans to open 20 new movie halls in Chennai. The new halls will come up in Kilpauk and Vadapalani. What’s also surprising is Sathyam’s decision to convert the existing the flagship Sathyam theatre into smaller movie halls.

Increased competition could normally result in better service and pricing pressures, but this multiplex boom is only pushing ticket prices upwards. How else can you explain the Rs. 500 price tag for a VIP ticket in PVR Cinema in Bangalore?

The situation few years ago was totally different. Single screen movie halls were closing down and paving way for marriage halls and shopping malls. The current interest in retail and entertainment is spiralling the boom in the multiplex industry. Few years ago, there was another boom in the theme park industry. Although lots of theme parks have sprung up near the metros, I don’t think they are doing all that well. A classic example is Chennai’s Kishkintha, which went through a rough patch sometime ago. Initial indications are that the multiplex boom is for real and will last longer than the boom witnessed by the theme park industry.


  • Strangely, I was expecting this to happen, but I also expect it to be just that: a temporary boom. I for one firmly believe that unless you have content to show in the cinemas, there is no point in building them. Even here, there is scope for a 'filmmaking boom', but it is high-time someone thought of the industry in longer terms. Unfortunately, the industry is full of skimmers who want the latest big star, or cash in on the current hot 'trend', rather than be innovators and pioneers. I bet, if there was a producer like that, he/she could very qickly become a moghul!

    By Blogger Anand, at 7:37 PM  

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