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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blogs Inc.

Business Line has an article about how blogs are making an impact in the corporate context. One example stated is the product review segment, which can have a potential impact on a particular brand or a company. The article talks extensively about how sites like Mouthshut (an Indian product / service review site which deals with books, movies, music, gadgets etc) have a bearing on brand image.

The article gives rise to some unnecessary confusion as reviewers in Mouthshut have been referred to as bloggers. Mouthshut has probably been around since the year 2000 (much before blogging really took off in India). Although product reviews and blogs might be considered as forms of citizen journalism (in an online form), it would have been better if the article had made a distinction between the two. Mouthshut is a dedicated review site and potential buyers / users turn to it to get some feedback. Individual blogs may not be dedicated to reviews and hence may not have the same impact like a review on Mouthshut. Further, Mouthshut would probably combine all particular reviews under one roof so that it's easier for the reader to get a big picture. This may not be possible in the Blogosphere.

Bloggers are also penning product reviews on sites such as Mouthshut.com. "These writings or opinions on Mouthshut.com serve as critical feedback for companies to improve their products," explains the CEO, Faisal I. Farooqui.

The statistics prove that Indian bloggers are taking to product reviewing in a big way. Mouthshut.com gets 80,000 browsers every day and 15 million page views per month and even the most minute details are discussed - from a restaurant menu to ringtones.

The film Black did not rake in much moolah in the first few days of its release, reckoned the bloggers of Mouthshut.com. However, the critically acclaimed movie eventually drew a bigger audience through word of mouth. Kiruba Shankar, who is not much of a Bollywood buff, decided to watch Rang De Basanti after bloggers raved about the film. MSN India's Head of Sales and Marketing, Rajnish R., says there is a growing number of reviews on FMCGs, electronics, financial and automotive products on MSN's blogs.

Even though the celebrity blogs have not really taken off, the article goes to say how Bollywood and cricketers are taking to blogs. I wonder whether Viru knows that MSN has created a blog for him:

Tinsel town and cricket icons too are hogging the limelight in the blogosphere. MSN Spaces (MSN's blogosphere) has featured Aamir Khan (during the release of Mangal Pandey) as well as the Rang De Basanti cast. Virender Sehwag, whose Web site is backed by MSN India, has also joined the blogging fraternity on MSN Spaces. Rediff blogs were used for marketing the film Apharan. The cast shared its experiences in shooting the film with Rediff bloggers.


  • hindu is a lil technologically challenged? it took them years to figure out what RSS was!
    but its better than intellectually challenged TOI :p

    yeah mouthshut rocks! :)

    By Blogger Indian Bachelor, at 10:32 PM  

  • @Indian Bachelor,
    I would still rate Hindu higher than ToI (overall and technology coverage). ToI gives more importance to coverage of gadgets.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 1:29 PM  

  • reviewers can be bloggers and vice versa.
    ultimately blogs are individual expressions written on the web. i dont see a reason why Hindu should clearify between bloggers and reviewers. I thought the article was very well written. Hindu is much better than most publications and they're justified in their arguments that mouthshut is a repository of individual blogs (read reviews) organized and sorted in a consumer-friendly UI.

    why the fuss

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:52 PM  

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