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Monday, March 13, 2006

Blogging Perks?

Business World (issue dated 13th March 2006) has an article about how one make money through blogs and the trend of people quitting their jobs to take up full-time blogging. The article mentions that an estimated 10 – 15% of the 100,000 odd India-centric blogs use Google Adsense. However, there are no stats on how many Indian bloggers have really made money through blogging. The article also suggests some alternatives to the Google Adsense program. I was surprised to read that Fabmall is planning to dole out goodies to bloggers:

Sulekha has also tied up with Fabmall to launch a scheme where the bloggers will benefit simply from blogging. A blogger will will get 100 points for every post, 20 points for a comment on his page, and 5 points every time someone reads his page. On accumulating 2,500 points, the blogger will win a gift certificate worth Rs. 250 from Fabmall.

Although the fine print has not been mentioned, I can’t ascertain the motive behind this move. Fabmall could be paying this kind of money to people who sign up for display of Fabmall ads in their respective blogs. Further, this could be restricted to people who use Sulekha as their blogging service. Has Fabmall built up lot of stock that it wants to dispose off through this scheme?

I think it is better to turn off word verification so that the spammers have a riot in the comment box.


  • Hell yeah....if youre gonna be making money...might as well let the spammers do their thing:)!
    I wonder how feasible this scheme is going to be though, if it is restricted only to people who use Sulekha as a blogging service......

    By Blogger the wannabe indian punkster, at 1:38 AM  

  • wow thats good news, someone is going to start a blogging centre and sell gift certificates :)

    By Blogger smiley, at 10:02 AM  

  • :-) lol. Did not hear about this one yet. Hell, I dont mind getting some cash certs from Fabmall... :-)... just to display their ads. Maybe, once in a while, even I may catch a good deal in their store. But, then for reading blog posts not really connected with Fabmall and even commenting on those... what does Fabmall really gain? Does not seem like a good business idea. Cashing on the blogging phenomenon may be a good idea, but in the way that they intend to... I really doubt.

    But then - does this start the free blogging and commercial merchant nexus? Nah! I dont want that to happen now.

    By Blogger Rubic_Cube, at 2:20 PM  

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