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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Diamond Pearl Down Under

BTW, How often do you get to see Vairamuthu like this? (via)


  • neat! its nice to the family side of ppl

    By Blogger J'Adore, at 1:14 AM  

  • man! i only got the diamond pearl reference now :D v proud of myself too

    By Blogger J'Adore, at 1:34 AM  

  • It is rare indeed. Thanks for the link


    By Blogger SLN, at 2:42 AM  

  • I looked at some of the other pics too, and he seems so normal...for want of a better word...and it was refreshing to see this side of him.
    Nice link again!

    By Blogger the wannabe indian punkster, at 3:52 AM  

  • Basically Vairamuthu is nature lover..I able to see him like that in his novels/poems and autobiography "Ithu Varai Naan".. Best Example is National award winner Song "Ithu Oru Pon Malai Pozhuthu"

    But the photographs are very nice..

    By Blogger மு.கார்த்திகேயன், at 12:48 PM  

  • nice snap ..

    By Blogger Cogito, at 6:30 PM  

  • Never seen him without white and white. :-)

    By Blogger Jo, at 1:18 AM  

  • @J'adore,
    glad to know that u got the connxn


    he is quite a simple person

    I haven't read his autobiography.....should do it sometime.


    yeah...it is rare to see him in casuals....that too in an outdoor setting.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 4:18 PM  

  • Kaps

    It was refreshing to the the 'other' normal side of VairaMuthu.. There is so much power trapping around him Chennai.. you rarely get to see the 'real' diamond pearl..

    By Blogger Ram Viswanathan, at 5:38 PM  

  • Awesome snap! In a colour dress too!

    By Blogger DD, at 12:13 AM  

  • Nice pic...is rare to see "pearl" in a colour dres...nice caption there too!

    By Blogger DD, at 12:15 AM  

  • Kngaroo: Enga en mela oru kvithai eduthu udunga paakaalaam.

    Vairamuthu: Eyy... Kangaroo.... neeyum Manithan than.
    unakkum ninraal irandadi,
    ponal naaladi pothum.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:25 PM  

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