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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

India's first wax museum

Rediff reports that India's first wax museum is located in a Theme Park in Kanyakumari. Although this sounds like a novel initiative, I doubt whether people would go all the way to Kanyakumari to visit this attraction. These kind of attractions have a high likelihood of becoming popular if they are located in one of the metros.


  • ohh man she looks scary...

    By Blogger Ghost Particle, at 6:06 PM  

  • Aiyoo..anga koda JJ thana..She making all fool by putting herself in everything

    By Blogger மு.கார்த்திகேயன், at 6:10 PM  

  • I think Kanyakumari has considerable tourist appeal. Maybe the wax museum is one more reason to showcase Kanyakumari. Beautiful place nevertheless.

    By Blogger Echo/Lavanya, at 7:09 PM  

  • if in chennai...all the wax might melt..:p

    By Blogger rajesh, at 10:22 PM  

  • @GP,
    Are u referring to the real amma or the wax amma?

    you can't avoid her for the next 1 month

    Although Kanyakumari attracts lot of tourists, the footfalls would be much higher if the wax museum is based in a metro.

    true. if that's the case, they should choose Bangalore.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 12:20 AM  

  • On the contrary I liked the idea they chose kanyakumarai first instead of chennai.. true they would get more bang for the buck if it was in chennai, but i feel many other places are much under-appreciated and we need more such attractions to promote tourism all over. If this was a success then they would introduce in other cities as well.

    By Anonymous prasad, at 3:50 AM  

  • Kaps...
    The kind of weather that is prevailing in Bangalore, no point in locating the wax museum in this city. You know what... they should locate it in Kodai, Ooty or some other perenially cool place.

    Somehow I feel, adding one more tourist attraction to KK is a good thing. You get to do more at KK than before. Metros are already jammed with lots of attractions.

    By Blogger Rubic_Cube, at 5:14 AM  

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