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Monday, March 13, 2006

The ‘Other’ Phone

Listening to the Anna University VC is turning out to be a delight. It looks as if the VC has done a Ph. D. on the mobile phone usage statistics. Next time you spot a guy with two mobile handsets, you can say without doubt that the guy has a girl friend.

D. Viswanathan, Vice-Chancellor, Anna University, once again blamed the use of mobile phones by students for their dismal academic performance.

This time it was in his convocation day address on Saturday at the K. S. Rangasamy College of Technology. "Today, boys have two mobile phones. When they receive a call on one of the phones, they have no problems attending it in the presence of others, but when the call is on the other, they walk out, take the call, talk discreetly only to return after a long time. The second mobile phone is kept aside exclusively for girl friends," he remarked.

He charged the students with using mobile phones for four hours a day on an average, neglecting their studies. "I am waging a war against the use of mobile phones," he declared.


  • maybe he has a son who has two phones :)

    By Blogger smiley, at 9:58 PM  

  • paavam vaadhyaar. than paechukku mathippe illathathai paarthu romba kashtapadaraar. 4 mani neram lecture kudukarthu paavam na thonalai, aana 4 mani neram phone la paesarthu paavam na teriyarthu! 2 enna? 4 phone ae vekkatume... akkarai iruntha padipaanga. illai na ozhivaanga. cellphonukkum failure kum connection emi lethu na yaaraavathu eduthu chollanam pola intha vaadhyaarukku!

    By Blogger Rubic_Cube, at 12:32 AM  

  • I feel sorry for the VC. Its pretty obvious that he's losing his grip on sanity.

    By Blogger the wannabe indian punkster, at 12:35 AM  

  • education-a improve pannrathukku ipadi pala super steps edukaraaru.. vaazhga..

    kashtam da.

    By Blogger Harish, at 8:53 AM  

  • I heard that this VC has 3 mobile phones and if u ask the students, they will complain the same ;).

    By Blogger REFLEX, at 12:03 PM  

  • @Smiley,
    Experience speaks?

    Rightly said

    Did he have sanity in the first place?

    How many phones (err...girl friends) do u have?

    kudumbathula kuzhappam undaakathenge.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 11:17 PM  

  • you know, the VC has indirectly addressed the problem of multiple caller groups and hints about the tremendous economic sense in maintaining two cellphones. i mean, since the one meant for general calls cannot be transported to various secluded areas and is not receptive to discreet conversation that are longer than normal calls, a 'boy student' should definitely spend on a new phone and a new connection that provides the above enhancements. and even if the 'general calls' phone does support 'boys' requirements, the inavailability of call-waiting facilities in today's highly advanced mobile telephony market makes usage of one phone for two distinct sets of callers virtually impossible. therefore, the immensely astute VC has studied the market well, and concluded that the since the two purposes cannot be served by the same phone, 'boys' maintain two phones. remarkable research!!

    flash news - leading tel-cos are looking into the VC's path-breaking insight regarding mobile phone usage amongst a certain customer category called 'boys'. it is learnt that further statistics with regard to actual minute-to-minute usage that comprises the stated 'average of four hours', and its division between the two cell-phones owned by each member of this 'boys' segment will be made available to the public in the VC's next appearance.

    By Blogger StupendousMan, at 3:51 AM  

  • @Stupendousman,
    I'm stunned by your insightful analysis. I'm curious to know the number of phones you possess.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 4:50 PM  

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