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Friday, April 14, 2006

DMK Embraces Hindi


  • Now Urdu is going to be made a compulsory language in Muslim schools across Tamilnadu. Many of Urdu castes in reserved category already dont speak Tamil, but being treated like Tamils.

    Here are some great DMK achievements for Tamil language in Tamilnadu:

    1)Tamil removed from Chennai domestic airport.
    2)Hindi rotten music brought (latest "pop" albums) in Tamilnadu FM stations.
    3)Hindi DMK pamphlets distributed during elections.
    4)Karunanidhi reciting Hindi poems.
    Kanimozhi condemning Tamil poet Baaradhiyar.
    5)Plan to break Ramarpalam.
    6)Launch of Isaiyaruvi channel where presenters dont even speak proper Tamil; they have beaten Sun Music in Thamingalam.
    7)Allowing Hindi imposition in CBSE schools while Northerners skipping Tamil altogether.
    No Tamil in even TN government transport and other website (see Karnataka/Kannada website for comparison)
    8)Children's books in Tamil language have only English fruit/vegetable names written in Tamil and not Tamil words (again see Kannada books for children as comparison)
    9)Broken promise of Tamil/bilingual engineering and adv course (no 1 reason of Tamil medium student suicides)
    10)Use of Thamizh thaai vaazhthu with deleted and modified line and not original (note: High court case has been filed).
    11)DMK treats FC Tamils as non-Tamils; hits outs as them being non-Tamil or "enemies of Tamil" while treating Urdu and Hindi castes as Tamils in the OBC reservation policy. DMK has made Urdu as compulsory language in Muslim schools.

    DMK is really greatest champion for Tamil language.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:44 PM  

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