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Friday, June 30, 2006

More Public Aggregators from India

The launch of MyToday has created increased activity in the public aggregator space. Bharat1 and eNewss are the ones that have caught my eye recently. These sites are very much identical in content (as they syndicate most of the popular Indian MSM sites), but try to differentiate themselves through the layout / presentation. One wonders whether the space is so big for so many public aggregators to bloom. The MyToday team has put together an extensive reading list comprising some of the best MSM resources from India and elsewhere. In that sense MyToday is comprehensive and also has an early mover advantage. Bharat1's layout is quite cool as it allows you to drag and drop the various boxes based on your preference. Among these three, eNewss is the only one which has turned to Google Adsense to generate money. eNewss offers all its content under its main page and has categorized blogs according various broad topics so that readers can use that as a guidance when they look for specific content. Another public aggregator which is still in its infancy stage is India47. I'm sure all these sites are going to spruce up their content and layout based on constructive feedback from the readers.


  • Kaps,

    i too doubt on the space for the aggregators, if they primarily focussed on the MSM sites. I feel like, blog aggregators is (the only) one available space which they can benefit from, if they over come the difficulties of the available aggregators. For MSM feeds, webbased or desktop aggregators do well and its more than enough.

    Of the specified aggregators, bharat1 is cool and eyecatching. Lets see how they progresses.

    i guess u missed justsamachar.com in the list.

    -- Vignesh

    By Anonymous Vignesh, at 3:40 AM  

  • Sambhar Mafia,
    Thank you for covering enewss.com
    I am one of the contributor to enewss.com website and pretty much sure of its success. We are working on a new look and feel of enewss.com soon. With the tremendous amount of feedback from personal emails from readers we are working on improving the site.
    Going forward we may (iam not sure) concentrate more on blogs and less on main media.
    Google groups and forums are too much chatty and tough to manage their content. We will cut down on them in our next update.

    Thanks again
    from enewss

    By Anonymous enewss, at 6:33 AM  

  • What bothers me with innovation in the web 2.0 space is the fact that there is no new approach to revenue generation. It is like a one-trick pony. What are these content aggregators fall back on? AdSense style of advertising? Will they bastardize the browsing experience a la Indian Express?

    Personally, I feel that for the innovation to mean much, there needs to be an alternative to generating revenue via ads. Until then, we can consider the web 2.0 to be a laboratory.

    There probably needs to be a smaller denomination for the web, it probably needs its own currency.

    By Blogger prope//er, at 1:22 PM  

  • Kaps,

    Also check out www.justsamachar.com which though simple, gets the work done.



    By Blogger Prasanth, at 3:41 AM  

  • Also checkout slury, a simple news aggregator which shows popular stories that are voted by people.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 AM  

  • Dear bloggers,
    eNewss has changed a lot since you last commented on it. We have redesigned our website and were honoured to be an associate sponsor of blogcamp in chennai.

    please visit us at http://www.enewss.com

    best regards

    By Anonymous enewss, at 7:42 PM  

  • http://IndiaSphere.net is new in this space, different layout and broader category of blogs, social bookmarking sites being aggregated.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:47 AM  

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