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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Quest For The Ideal Indiblog Directory

Getting listed in a blog directory is one of the time-tested ways of attracting traffic. The Indian Blogosphere already boasts of more than 5 blog directories. Each of them is different in a particular way. Indian Bloggers, BlogDesam and Blogstreet India seem to have the most number of listings. Indian Bloggers has built up a list of about 1700 Indian blogs. They classify the blogs into various categories and also rank the blogs based on the number of hits received on a weekly basis. BlogDesam has an aggregation service in which their home page features the latest posts written by bloggers who have registered with their directory. Blogstreet India is a static directory, which goes by the number of incoming links (measured by Blogrolling.com) to rank the various blogs. Blogstreet India model has some serious flaws and I had tried to touch upon those in an earliest post.

Indian Bloggers seems to have caught the fancy of the Indian blogosphere as lots of bloggers have registered with it. The category wise listing also helps as some people might be looking for specific blogs on food, stocks etc. Inspite of sending multiple emails and feedback to Indian Bloggers, their team is not keen on cleaning up their site. Week after week, you see a music download site (IndiaFMS.com) being listed as the number 1 blog. I fail to understand how a music download site can be classified as a blog. Apart from this, you have some blogs, which reproduce videos and photos from other sites and post them on their blog. Lot of this is adult content. Blogs like Time Pass Videos, Must See Videos and Negar Khan Photos seem to be the most prominent ones. How can genuine blogs be featured alongside such blogs, which don’t carry any original content? These tasteless blogs have been started with the primary motive of earning Adsense revenue. If this trend continues, the blogs featuring pictures of Mallika Sherawat, Namitha and Negar Khan will rule supreme in Indian Bloggers directory. Genuine bloggers might even prefer to delist from these directories as none of us can stand up to the challenge of the filmi celebrity sites and MP3 download sites.


  • I agree with your opinion on Indianbloggers. Heck, I was seriously considering delisting my blogs from there.

    By Blogger Patrix, at 3:26 AM  

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