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Thursday, June 01, 2006

States Act Stupid

Following the footsteps of Nagaland and Punjab, Tamilnadu has decided to ban the screening of Da Vinci Code. Unlike most other parts of the country, The Da Vinci Code was supposed to be released in TN on 2nd June. When the Central government itself has decided against imposing a ban on the movie, why are the state governments trying to prove that they also have some decision-making power?

TN and Punjab are ruled by DMK and Congress respectively. These two parties are part of the UPA government, which is in power at the Centre. If these parties really want to support the cause of the minorities, what have these state units done when the I&B Ministry came out with a decision? These bans hardly work as people can anyway go to the neighbouring state to watch the movie or wait till they get hold of a pirated copy. Ultimately, theatre owners and distributors could be on the losing side.

"The Government has taken cognizance of the various reports and complaints received from the minority communities, particularly Christian community regarding the proposed screening of the movie," the Principal Secretary, Home, said in a press release.

The screening of the movie might hurt the religious feelings and sentiments of the Christian community and lead to demonstrations and disturb peace and tranquillity within the State, the release added.

The movie has been running in several other states for the last 5 days and no major concerns have been raised. Even if the minorities are offended, why can’t the state authorities make an attempt to hear their views and release the movie after making cuts or disclaimers suggested by the minorities?


  • Vaiko said that this film has not to be released in an interview. The reason is "It will hurting the Christina people". Do they know what they said to people to convert them to Christianity ???.
    Once a F***er said abt the Hindu god Krishan and he said Jesus life is so clear and blah blah. I told him to get off from that place. Does this politicians has any Idea bat all this.

    What u said is Right. Its so stupid to BAN a movie. It is not even any other country where just Christians alone live.

    By Blogger REFLEX, at 12:03 PM  

  • Considering the numerous issues going on, i did guess they wd commit an issue like this. Not pretty sure where Tamil Nadu and India is heading for.And reflex , it was amazing to know that he understood the movie. Maybe he ran subtitles and compiled the various issues which have been in the run, and then took the best one out of them, showed it to Jaya, and then released it.

    By Blogger Prasanna, at 3:20 PM  

  • When the censor board has cleared. Don't know what the states are trying to achieve ?

    They have banned the movie under 'law & order' issue.. most likely to appease some vote bank..

    By Blogger Ram Viswanathan, at 5:50 PM  

  • Huh?! Were you serious when you said "These bans hardly work as people can anyway go to the neighbouring state to watch the movie or wait till they get hold of a pirated copy."


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:42 PM  

  • wonder how many times they have banned things offensive to Hinduism...not that they need to be banned...if you dont like it, dont watch it shud be the policy.
    Minorities seem to take advantage of the vote bank politics.

    By Blogger Surya, at 10:54 PM  

  • AP too bans it. I think we the Central govt. wastes money on Censor Board, lets dissolve it and ask State Govt. to decide.

    "Dr. Reddy, sources said, was initially reluctant to support the ban. He argued that the original novel had already sold more than 60.5 million copies throughout the world and no Christian country had preferred the ban. He, however, relented when the officials cautioned him about possible law and order problems if the film was screened.

    Later in a press release, Mr. Paul Bhuyan justified the stand arguing that the minority organisations had pointed out that the film's story line attacked the very heart of the Holy Gospel destroying the divinity of Lord Jesus Christ.

    It might lead to unrest among the semi-literate and illiterate rural folk following the faith, they had further warned.
    " - THE HINDU

    Law Order Problem? Arent our Christian brothers non violent?

    By Blogger Surya, at 4:42 AM  

  • but it has released in mumbai ruled by stupid congress

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:38 AM  

  • The movie doesn't say anything inflamatory about chritianity but only suggests that Jesus had a wife. I am sure those who took this decision to ban the movie haven't even seen it. Sad day!

    By Blogger Eshwar S, at 8:51 PM  

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