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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Slum Tours in Mumbai

A Westerner seems to be in the thick of the action:

The city is so crowded that in the centre, there are one million people to a square mile. It has pushed the rents up to impossible levels, as high as London or New York, in a city where earnings are a fraction. But people keep arriving in their thousands every day from the villages, hoping to make it big in India's city of opportunity. There is nowhere for them to go but the slums.


  • True... won't be long before someone uses the term 'Slum Country' if they haven't already been using it..

    By Blogger Vinesh, at 10:24 PM  

  • While they might be able to raise some funds/money, I think that sensationalising a "slum" is quite unwarranted!
    we have so much to offer as a country, why don't we get a decent campaign put in place to put us on the tourism map? not just few "incredible india" posters but actual infrastructure!
    slums..gezz, what will they think of next?
    as it is am sick of answering unaware americans' questions about elephants and snake charmers on the roads (as if!!)..i can already anticipate the next question..does everyone live in slums?

    By Blogger Perspective Inc., at 2:12 AM  

  • Yeah, tell me abt it! This city is impossible. Everybody speaks abt trains but in reality its cattle expresses. Actually, last I saw cattle in Kerala was transported with much more space than what people get in Mumbai trains. And the worst thing is there is no end to migration and population problems.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:53 PM  

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