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Thursday, August 17, 2006

From Yuppies To Gossips

Trend watchers are phasing out the word YUPPIE and have come up with the term GOSSIPS to replace that.
An iPod and two mobile phones are the latest must-have accessories along with sushi for the status-conscious British office worker, according to a survey released on Wednesday.

The poll, conducted for recruitment firm Office Angels, found 67 per cent of 1,500 respondents considered so-called “micro-gadgets” like Blackberrys, laptop memory sticks and small mobile phones to be the ultimate status symbols.

Office Angels branded the people in the survey as GOSSIPS (Gadget Obsessed Status Symbol Infatuated Professionals), a morphed version of the archetypal 1980s Yuppie — Young Urban Professional.

Almost half (45 per cent) of those questioned thought any ambitious worker should own at least two mobile phones — one for work calls and the other for social chit chat.

Even though an individual might aspire for two phones, he/she can only use one at a time. Hence I don't get the point about normal people thinking of owning two phones. I also feel that the chances of losing the phone are much higher if you have more than one handset.


  • You can have 2 or 3 sim cards in a single instruement and i have seen many Arabs using this method. But Arabs are not professionals. They have a fancy for mobile, cars and ..

    By Blogger ambimama, at 1:15 AM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:17 AM  

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  • Ellam summa Vetti Bandha! Oru phonela pesaruthukulleya thondai varandu pogothu, ethula rendu phone vachikitu enna panrathu.

    Pondatiyum sari, phonum sari onnu than irukkanum. Ethu namma policy.

    By Anonymous Sriram Srinivasan, at 8:58 PM  

  • And no drugs?

    By Blogger I, at 5:00 AM  

  • mebbe one for office and the other for home..... or ..... one for wife and other for gf.....or.....

    By Blogger smiley, at 6:11 PM  

  • In developed countries, almost every person has a Mobile phone ; penetration levels have touched 95-99%. so the only way Mobile Phone Company vendors can increase sales, is by making people obsessed with/used to having multiple cellphones...

    After all , companies like Nokia and Motorola need to exist and give wages to their employees right ?

    In any case, i beleive that elite will soon start using mobiles like watches/cars ( a fashion item)... high end mobile phones would be like fashion items, that would be "shown off" in parties ...

    By Anonymous ramki830, at 7:30 PM  

  • I don't know if carrying two mobile is a status symbol .. but at times it becomes a neccessity.

    By Blogger Venky Krishnamoorthy, at 11:57 PM  

  • Which batch of IIMB are you from?

    By Blogger Elysia, at 2:07 PM  

  • @Ambimama,
    I haven't seen a handset which can accomodate multiple SIM cards.

    good policy. thanks for dropping by.

    wouldn't the wife start doubting if the hubby has 2 phones?

    Telcos can also make people migrate to higher paying services like 3G and downloads to improve revenues.

    I can't believe that carrying two mobiles can become a necessity.

    I am from PGP 2000. I graduated in 2002.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 11:47 AM  

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