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Monday, October 02, 2006

MK's Filmi Fundas

The nexus between Kollywood and politics is quite well known and T R Jawahar of News Today writes on this issue with special emphasis on MK’s current intimacy with tinsel town and also about the grand function which was held to felicitate MK. Providing tax waiver to producers opting for Tamil titles doesn’t really promote Tamil. Actually, this move is a huge revenue loss to the government. TRJ doesn’t fail to ridicule this move. Tamil blogger Kuzhali also has a related post on the name change drama.

More than the speeches, the 'cultural' extravaganza that unfolded at the function was the biggest talking point, not just in the media but also amidst the DMK chief's co-borns who were in full attendance. But they can be forgiven for enjoying the eyefuls which should have come as a big respite from the dreary baritones of political platforms. But should not the CM in his much acclaimed capacity as the sole Thaanai Thalaivan of the Tamils and their culture too have objected to what was essentially a sleazy show? Rather, the rational question as to what the celluloid dolls, many of whom were non-Tamil nymphets, dancing to peppy numbers, had to do with Tamil culture was lost in the maze of glitzy costumes and shaking limbs. Or probably the sole custodians of Tamil culture have silently amended it to accommodate the gyrations and hip-hip-hurrahs of such sizzling sirens and scantily-clad starlets, we do not know. Whatever, but the people would have no problems if such fare were part of some awards function or a fund-raiser, but the 'show' sure was a bit too queer and even quirky to qualify as an entertainment for a Chief Minister who incidentally is well past the eighties, not to mention the Governor of another State who came in tow. How we wish PMK's Ramadoss too was part of the audience along with his self-styled moral cops! There might have even been a political realignment in the State right on the stage!

Whether or not the CM has time for resolving the state’s problem, most of his available time seems to be taken up in resolving disputes within the coalition and also in attending to matters relating to Kollywood. Parijatham and Poi are two movies, which received favourable reviews in Murasoli recently. When the release of Imsai Arasan was delayed, it was brought to the attention of MK and he intervened to resolve the dispute.

It is rumoured that film disputes like censor problems are routinely taken to him and he seems to have all the time for them. Film previews are as much a part of his 'official' engagements and if a producer or director or actor is lucky, he may even be favoured with a review in Murasoli by the ultimate script-writer himself. Tax concessions and subsidies are for the asking if stipulations of 'Tamil' orientation are met. Little wonder several much publicised movie titles have suddenly and silently been 'Tamilised'. Jillu became sillu and even Godfather has reportedly turned over a new leaf. The themes and depictions could be anti-Tamil culture, which is no problem, but not the name for sure.

The star-studded event will be shown on Sun TV sometime in the near future and you can’t miss the big bang promos even if you wish to ignore it.


  • Well written, thanks for the link.Hard to believe that such niche news papers like NT actually exist in a jaalra town like Chennai.

    By Anonymous BNB, at 8:05 PM  

  • Unrelated but is Bhagyaraj the producer or the director of Parijatham? The song "Unnai kanden" is awesome. That one song wonder MD of that movie gave an interview on Sun TV recently for I-Day I think.

    By Blogger Deepa, at 2:48 AM  

  • @Deepa,
    The producer of Parijatham is Smrithi Silver Screen. have not heard about them before. It looks like this was their first movie.

    Bhagyaraj's own banner is called Saranya Cine Creations / Combines.

    By Blogger Kaps, at 3:04 AM  

  • These kinds of stupid things are turning me anti-tamil.

    Lets live with it. With the extent of rapid globalization ethnic languages do suffer an influence.

    Thathas like MK have to let go of their nostalgia and live with the present time.

    By Anonymous masterplan, at 10:48 PM  

  • People of Tamil Nadu are obsessed with films and film stars. Granted that other states too have had film stars in politics, but tamil nadu hit the abyss with comedian Senthil turning out as a campaigner for amma. When the people are idiots, politicians use filmy glamour to fool them, and film stars stage shows for gratifying the politicians. When Jaya was CM too, such shows were held - in one such show 'super-star' rajnikant described Jaya as a set of Lakshmis.. and he was promptly in attendance at the karunanidhi show too.
    tamil nadu sucks. and not just because of the reservations.

    By Blogger reason, at 12:41 AM  

  • himmm, so inspite of being a CM, MK find time to watch more films than me :-( wonder whose fault it is?

    By Blogger Eshwar S, at 11:26 AM  

  • first time visitor here...needless to say...you've got an amazing blog here :)...MK is at home with kollywood ...he's the poet warrior like colonel kurtz in "apocalypse now".Again nice post n nice blog :)

    By Blogger b v n, at 4:52 AM  

  • What is amusing is that MK will give tax breaks to movies which have Tamil or Tamil-ized names (or force themselves to change names into a Tamil sounding word) - but all along, he will keep his name as KARUNA-NIDHI, his son's as STALIN, his nephews' as DAYA-NIDHI, KALA-NIDHI and his family entertainment channels' as SUN TV, K TV, SUN NEWS, SUN MUSIC, SURIYAN FM .. any Tamil names there?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:41 PM  

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