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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yahoo Diwali's Gift

Users of Yahoo's Phone Out Service (Yahoo's equivalent of SkypeOut) are in for a bonanza during this Diwali. Yahoo is offering free calls to India on Diwali day (21st Oct). This sounds like Yahoo's way of luring users to this service. Skype usually offers free Skype Out days once in a while. Looks like Yahoo took a leaf out of Skype's book.

The promotion applies to users of Yahoo Voice’s premium Phone Out service. As per the offer, the calls to India will cost 4.9 US cents per minute from Oct 17 to 20 and between Oct 22nd and 23rd. And what may be termed as a Diwali gift from the company, the calls to India will be free on the day of Diwali, Oct 21st.

The offer is applicable to all the existing subscribers of Yahoo Messenger’s Phone Out service. New users are required to download Yahoo Messenger and sign up for a Phone Out account to avail the promotion.

Users in Singapore can sign up for Yahoo Messenger's Phone Out Service by paying S$15 as the initial payment. The initial payment for US users is $10.

Update: Dreamchaser points me to the Yahoo Voice page which has the exact time information during which this promotion will be applicable.


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