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Thursday, February 01, 2007

LiveMint Goes Live

Hindustan Times just launched it's new pink paper. Mint is currently available only in Mumbai and Delhi. The closest I can get to it is the online edition – LiveMint. Although the design looks refreshingly different (when compared to the clutter of most other Indian business sites), my excitement stops there. The site requires you to register (free) before you can read any of the articles. Although they have something called RSS feeds, it doesn’t seem to be working. Even if the RSS feeds start working, I’m not sure how they can make RSS readers login to LiveMint everytime somebody wants to read the full article from the RSS feed.

Mint’s tabloid-style print layout would be a viewed as a welcome change. Tehelka (weekly) and Tamil Murasu are others who offer their print editions in such a format. It makes it that much more easier to take it to the loo :-)


  • This is the worst RSS feed I have ever seen. RSS feeds are not working because they dont provide link to the stories in their feeds. Without links I dont know what is the purpose of providing RSS feeds. Do they want people get the news headlines in their feed reader and search for news in their website ? They provided RSS feed because every body provides it without understanding its usefulness.

    Another thing I hate is to register for reading news. When your are a upstart, you should make it easier to access your content.

    Mint with a hole has lost the first round in internet.

    By Anonymous Saravanan, at 12:19 PM  

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