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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Singapore pulls up Indian MBA grad for fudging CV

We usually hear such stories at the junior level, but it is not very common to come across such fudging at the senior levels. The only incident that I can recollect is the case of Radioshack where the CEO David Edmondson had lied about his college degrees.

An Indian national who lied several times about having a degree from a top US university was let off with a 6,000-Singapore-dollar (3,870-US-dollar) fine, news reports said Saturday. Mahesh Narayan, the managing director of a consultancy firm, originally faced up to five years in jail and a 20,000-Singapore-dollar (12,903-US-dollar) fine.

Senior Counsel Philip Jeyaretnam, representing Narayan in district court on Friday, said he had been hired for his work experience and not his degree, The Straits Times said. [Link]

Mahesh Narayan has an MBA from Osmania Unversity, but he apparently told the Ministry of Manpower (during the Employment Pass Application process) that he holds an MBA from Syracuse University. Since Mahesh now runs his own consultancy firm, he does not face as much public scrutiny like the CEO of a public company and hence there wouldn’t be any pressure on him to step down from the helm.

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