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Monday, February 12, 2007

Spot The Difference

Indiaplaza (formerly known as Fabmall) has come out with a price challenge where users can report instances where Indiaplaza’s competitors (online and offline retailers) are selling at lower prices and pocket gift certificates worth twice the difference. This challenge currently covers only books and mobile handsets. This shows that Indiaplaza has become aggressive and wants to prove that they mean business in the etailing space. With new players like Futurebazaar and A1Books entering the fray, it is quite natural to see the aggressiveness displayed by existing players like Indiaplaza.

Indiaplaza already offers more than 20% discount on most books and hence the price differential between them and other players is not very significant. Such price challenges have existed in the offline space where retailers usually say that they will give you the product free if you spot a cheaper product at any other retail shop. This initiative will also help Indiaplaza in cleaning up all their prices. It would have anyway cost them a lot (in terms of manpower) if they had undertaken this exercise internally.

Tip: If you have the time and the inclination, do a comparison between Landmark (SifyMall), Rediff, Prakash Books, Strand Book Stall, Indiatimes and Indiaplaza. Don’t waste your time looking at books which are priced below Rs. 500. Concentrate on expensive books like Coffee Table Books, Business / Management Books and other Hard cover editions. I’m sure you can spot some cheaper prices. I have already done some research and submitted my response to Indiaplaza. I’ll let you know in a week’s time whether Indiaplaza really sent me the Gift Certificate. Multiple Gift Certificates can’t be combined to buy a book and hence it makes sense to spot a huge difference and use it to buy a book.

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