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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sun TV runs out of ideas

Sun TV seems to be running low on creativity and is making all out efforts to ape other channels. On the other hand, Vijay TV has been making some rapid strides in non-fiction programming whereas Sun TV has been sticking religiously to mega-serials. Sun TV has shamelessly copied the popular Kalakka Povathu Yaru (Tamil version of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge) from Vijay TV and repackaged it as Asatha Povathu Yaaru. Sun TV has even poached the same artistes from the Vijay TV Show and roped in one of the judges (Madan Bob) from the original show. Right from the costume to the set design, everything looks very similar. I haven’t watched the new show and can’t comment on the content as of now. Going by the promos, I can tell you that the Sun show will be very similar to the original show.

This is not the first time Sun TV is showing its high-handedness. When Vijay’s Jodi No. 1 had just concluded, there were reports that Sun TV is putting pressure on the serial producers to remove Jodi No. 1 winners (Prem and Pooja) from Sun TV mega-serials. Let’s see who has the last laugh.


  • My wife ditched Sun TV for Vijay and it has been good for our blood pressure since :)

    I've been meaning to write about Vijay TV's shows for a while, but can't seem to find the motivation, so I will use this space, sorry :)

    Good shows:
    1. Kalakka povathu yaaru(This is the only thing I watch anything related to Tamil these days)
    2. Koffee with Anu
    3. Jodi No.1 (Copied from Dancing with the Stars)

    Kinda-Sorta OK shows:
    1. Neeya Naanaa (debate on current affairs)
    1. Grand Master
    2. Kana kaanum kaalangal (mega serial targetting school teens)

    Time filler show:
    1. Jillunu oru Jodi

    My main gripes:
    1. The fact that I can't find one single commercial ad is puzzling. I don't know if it's because of online offering (from Streambox.tv) is different.
    2. Shows repeated for nth time
    3. Related to 1 above, ads for their shows every 10 minutes or so make you hate Vijay TV

    We happen to watch Sun TV breifly about a month or so back. There was a show called "Surya Natchathiram" targetting college students. One word - "Horrible"


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:26 AM  

  • Kaps,
    You hit the bull's eye again. I happened to watch the prelims of whatever you call it of Asaththa povadhu yaaru...It SUCKED big time! They roped in Vadivelu for the show and each participant spoke that "Tis is only a feeler of how the show might look like...the actual show gonna begin in March". You should also see the pile of comedians (seated together like an aattu mandhai) faking laughter at the irritating jokes...On the whole a complete DUD!!!

    By Blogger Anusha Parthasarathy, at 4:47 AM  

  • Its been a long time since Sun TV came up with a revolutionary concept.May be its the "leader's fright" ....

    By Blogger Cogito, at 9:05 PM  

  • I think it is not SUN TV that robbed the show. The participants moved SUN TV for better package in terms of pay.

    I read one of articles in JV that vijay tv doesn't even pay for the participants. they were given only food and shelter and travel allowance for the program.

    Its vijay tv which sucks the blood, not SUN.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:30 PM  

  • Anonymous,

    JV's Ties with SUN Owners is legendary and well acknowledged.

    By Blogger ramki830, at 1:40 AM  

  • Everyone knows that Sun Network is a leading group in media particularly in South India,they succeeded in everything what they engaged in..start from first private channel in south India to revolutionary change in FM and now they started exclusive cartoon channel for kids..But i wonder how this big guns copying successful programs from other channel,execute with same concept but in the worst way..from "Thanga Vaettai" to "Asatha Povathu Yarru"...Its time for Vijay Tv to dominate..
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    By Anonymous sakthi, at 3:09 PM  

  • We have SUN TV at home and are seriously thinking abt switching to Vijay. The prog are all copied from Vijay anyway.

    1. Asatha Povathu Yaaru: CRAPPY!!! I mean they can't find decent judges, so they bring in anyone who is just whiling their time away and would like some TV time. I am yet to see Abbas on it.

    2. Masthana, masthana: Copy of JN1. Again, I feel the judges are just being "nice". You know...their feedback and all that seems to be something that is scripted by SUN TV and they are so stuck up man.

    3. Mega serials: Nothing worth mentioning. Every single one is a tear jerker. Yuck!

    4.Surya Nathchathiram: Thank heavens. It has been cancelled. Crappy doesn't even being to describe it.

    5. Then, they roped in Gauthami to do a prog similar to Koffee with Anu. Come on are u serious? Ridiculous. Thankful it is off air.

    On the whole, SUN TV no originality and even when you copy a prog, do something nice.

    By Blogger Shobana, at 9:35 AM  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:58 PM  

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