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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prison Diaries – The other side of Dr. Prakash

Dr. Prakash, the doctor from Chennai who is serving a life sentence for his involvement in online pornography is back in the news again. He is apparently churning out bestsellers sitting behind bars.

A convict sentenced to life imprisonment is causing a stir in Tamil publishing circles. Dr L. Prakash, an orthopaedic surgeon sentenced for, among other counts, Internet pornography, has spent the last seven years in prison churning out 80 books on every subject under the earth— thrillers, prison diaries, Vedic wisdom, the Mahabharata, short stories, self-improvement. His publisher claims his prison diary alone—Other Side of the Prison Bars—has sold 1.4 lakh copies in Tamil translation. But the biggest triumph for the doctor: his publisher claims Playboy has accepted his short story! (Source: Outlook).

At the height of the investigation, Dr. Prakash was the hottest topic in town with the Tamil crime magazines devoting lengthy columns about the case. Even comedian Vivek poked fun at him in some of the comedy sequences.

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