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Thursday, November 06, 2008

The battle of the e-papers'

I have been reading the e-papers of the English dailies published from Chennai and here is a quick comparison between the different papers.

New Indian Express - No login required. Easy Navigation. Usually gets updated a bit later than the other dailies. 

Deccan Chronicle - Login required. Easy Navigation. Probably the first e-paper to get updated in the morning. Users can choose to read their Hyderabad and Chennai editions.

Times of India - Usually the last one to get updated daily. Offers choice of different editions including Chennai. Economic Times Chennai edition is also available. Doesn't offer page preview of other pages. NIE and DC offer page preview of other pages.

The Hindu - The most boring news website one can ever come across. Although the website gets updated at about 1.30 am IST, their website hardly sees any action during the day except for some sparse news updates. The e-paper of The Hindu is a paid service and I often wonder who would sign-up for such a service. It's better to follow The Hindu by subscribing to RSS feeds. NIE and DC don't offer RSS feeds.

Even neighbourhood newspapers like Anna Nagar Times have hopped on to the e-paper bandwagon. 

Tamil newspapers like Dinamani, Dinakaran, Dinamalar and Dinathanthi do offer their content in e-paper format. Instead of reading the Tamil e-paper, my preferred route is to catch up on Tamil news via Google News Tamil.

Although e-papers' give you the feeling of reading the real paper, it is more time consuming than browsing the headlines on a website. Because of this reason, it is difficult to say whether the e-paper format is finding favour with the audience. 



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    By Blogger raj, at 6:34 PM  

  • i actually use this link to read hindu on my blackberry


    no ads, and just news real quick. i think i still read it just because i been reading for 20 or so years.

    By Blogger Villain, at 12:28 PM  

  • Thanks for the post.

    The Hindu maybe boring, but one could say the same of coffee too, I guess. I cannot miss either of them.

    Reading e-papers may take more time, but I pay that price to know what's going on back home... the ads (which one's full-page? first-page?)...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:46 PM  

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