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Monday, December 22, 2008

Watch Out For Mirror Blogs At OneIndia

Indian internet firms are upto different dirty tricks and the recent one which struck my eye is OneIndia. It is mirroring various blogs including mine without the author's permission. They have an FAQ section which says that they are not stealing content. I don't know how they can mirror other blogs under the guise of attracting more traffic to the author's contribution.

Is Oneindia-Blogs stealing my content?

No, Oneindia-Blogs is not stealing your content. Oneindia is just giving an opportunity for the users to read your blog, email your blog to friends, comment and rate it, which in turn will help popularise your blog. Since your blog is listed in our URL, there is greater possibility of listing in the search engines, which will increase traffic to your blog. (Link)

What really upsets me is the fact that they have automatically included many blogs and the blogger needs to contact OneIndia to request for removal. The only dissenting voice which I have read so far is that of Shubhspace, who put up a fight with the folks at Greynium (One India). Why aren't other bloggers putting up an united front to stop this nuisance? We need more concerted efforts to stop them from doing this. This auto-inclusion concept is no different from some MNC Banks offering free insurance for credit card holders for an initial promo period and stating that uninterested customers should call the respective bank to opt-out.

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  • Vandana here, I am SEO expert, I read your post. I used the close frame option on top of the page and your url was fine. I did not notice any mirroring.

    Is this a personal fight against someone at Oneindia or did you get carried away.

    Anyway, from the SEO perspective I did not notice any issue. Your blog is good. Keep it up.

    By Anonymous Vandana Krishna, at 12:04 PM  

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