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Friday, January 02, 2009

Watchout for Kanimozhi in 2009

BusinessWorld magazine has featured Kanimozhi as one of the persons to watch out for in 2009. While she might get a party ticket to contest the Lok Sabha elections, the strong anti-incumbency wave in the state might pose a problem to DMK's hopes. I still feel Kanimozhi has to play second fiddle to Azhagiri and Stalin. Till then, she has to be content organizing stuff like Chennai Sangamam.

Absent from most Delhi page 3 parties and political high teas, Kanimozhi is fond of asserting that she does not need to win every little battle to be a successful politician. Read that to mean she is being smart enough to want to stay away from petty party politics. “I am here (in Delhi) not to push them (senior DMK leaders) or sideline anybody,” she says. “I look up to them for guidance.”

But Kanimozhi may not be able to stay away from the limelight for long. Despite her vehemently denying she harbours any ambitions of occupying a ministerial berth at the Centre, party and political compulsions look certain to bestow the same on her in 2009. (Link)

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  • If at all, she has bigger ambitions, she's going to find it very difficult getting past Stalin, Azhagiri and others. Stalin has already spent most of his political life in the second position in the party.

    By Blogger Vijay, at 1:25 PM  

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