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Sambhar Mafia - Cooked To Kill!

Friday, October 14, 2005

IIPM Online Petition

An Online Petition has been created to protest against IIPM. Please sign the petition. Pls help in spreading the word about this petition.

Other Updates:-

Puneet accuses IIPM of spamming Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. He also has screenshots to prove his claim

Arzan probes about IIPM's Toronto connection and Belgian alliance. Curious Gawker also manages to throw some light on the web of alliances surrounding IMI.

Kiruba designs some "Support Buttons" for us to show our support for Gaurav and Rashmi.

My original post has also been updated with these information.


  • Really cooked to kill! :)

    By Blogger Govar, at 5:31 AM  

  • "The otherwise unseen world of bloggers in India and across the world began posting their support for Gaurav, arguing that a blog is someone's personal view and suing them makes no sense."

    That extract was out of the NDTV page. Now, that seems to make sense; and that is the point of contention. Before getting into the debate of whether Rashmi and Gaurav were right or wrong, whether IIPM is serving or cheating people, and whether its Ads are to be sued or not (there still are a lot more similar and not-so-similar questions that remain to be answered), what needs to be made clear is - how much can one be held responsible for what one says on the net, in one's *personal* blog. And the questions follow later.

    What Gaurav has done is to express his opinions about a post on a blog. And that is just free speech (or writing). Rashmi and Gaurav have set the stone in motion and opinions have been formed, with contributions form a lot of bloggers. And everything is in the air (including the so-called legal notices served by IIPM). "In their statement to the Indian Express (in reaction to the fact that IIPM sent me a legal notice) today the dean of IIPM A Sandeep said: "I don't think so. I have no idea about it." - that comes from Varna's space.

    Should we give it more time before the dust settles? Has *anything* happened so far at all? Should we be dragging it further down the road, when nothing is sure, as yet? In my view, a petition does not do any good (or bad) to the current situation.

    By Blogger krish, at 6:54 AM  

  • sorry to point it out but please do delete this cooment after you see it...I found a spelling mistake in the petition...instead of writing "tender" there is typo.."tendet"..I guess it was because of the anger you had against IIPM..I am signing it anyway to show my support...please do correct the typo before sending it..I am not a perfectionist, but it just caught my eye...besides I don't want to be killed by the sambhar mafia...:)...

    By Anonymous navin, at 12:04 PM  

  • see I have made a typo myself "cooment" , I swear it was not intentional...as I told you I am not a perfectionist...:)

    By Anonymous navin, at 12:06 PM  

  • Mister AC had a new secretary.
    She was an MBA from his fraud institute, and she had got an offer from planwoman consulting.
    12 lakhs package(some said it was 1.2). And for 12 lakhs/or 1.2, a grad from fraud institutewould stoop to anything, like writing false claims on blogs, writing vile comments. Now, she was setting up the brand new laptop from RBM which AC got
    as a consultation fee. RBM had consulted with AC on how to tackle truthful Bloggers. And how to deal with a situation if a blog tainted thief threatens to burn their laptops.

    So Miss MBA_From_FraudInstitute was setting up the laptop, and she had to set a password,
    so she asked Mr AC, "DaDa What password shall I set for you".
    AC, the thorough asshole that he was didn't want to let it pass and she had nice ass.
    He said MYP&NIS.

    The girl rolled on the floor laughing and the computer said, "REJECTED, TOO SHORT. USE A LONGER ONE"

    By Anonymous DubyaManagement, at 1:21 PM  

  • Thanks KAPS for all these inititatives. I have signed the petition.!

    By Blogger Narayanan Venkitu, at 2:05 PM  

  • Kaps,

    I have emailed you regards an urgent matter on your gmail address. Please check and respond.

    By Blogger Patrix, at 2:25 PM  

  • my second post on this matter.. legal gaggles by IIPM..

    By Anonymous Shreyas Ghuge, at 5:28 PM  

  • please link it up at DESIPUNDIT if u find it suitable.. my server was too low on speed to connect to DP..

    By Anonymous Shreyas Ghuge, at 5:30 PM  

  • Kaps, one more!

    By Anonymous Ravi, at 5:49 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Peeved, at 9:23 PM  

  • Another useless online petition. Jeez! You guys are educated. You should know better than to circulate these petitions which have no value!

    I m still not sure whom to believe and which side to take

    By Blogger Peeved, at 9:24 PM  

  • petition signed. we should really nail these fakes. they spent 5.1 crores on advertising alone last year, just think how much they must be earning...

    By Anonymous abhishek, at 2:35 AM  

  • ur blog rocks! but why sambar mafia ?

    By Blogger jive, at 4:37 AM  

  • @ jive because it sounds much better than rasam mafia or Idli Mafia, huh Kaps..

    By Anonymous tony, at 5:46 PM  

  • IIPM has come up with a full page ad in ET today. It still lists the rankings regarding industry exposure, course content and one another factor but quotes some MSM called Business Baron 05. Also says something about India today and Business Today rankings of 04.
    But what is interesting is the small print below it. While I wish I could quote it verbatim - the jist is that other media is jealous of IIPM.

    It continues to use the IMI, quote a few profs and executives and a load of other stuff which various blogs have repeatedly shown as false.

    This proves two things - for all the song and dance on blogosphere - IIPM and the management guru (drucker "journalists call them management gurus because journalists dont know how to spell charlatan) dont care a hoot.

    Second no amount of righteous indignation can prevent a few more hundreds of students falling for this drivel and losing more money.

    No end is sight so far as far as the IIPM saga goes

    By Anonymous wasted_psuede, at 5:15 PM  

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