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Friday, August 25, 2006

India's Blogging Capital

BlogStreet India, a flawed and ineffective blog measurement tool keeps getting more mileage as more MSM use it mainly because there is no other alternative offering city-wise statistics. The latest in this series is the news report on CNN-IBN which quotes Blogstreet India for the number of bloggers in Chennai.

Blogstreet India has a little over 4000 blogs listed in its directory and is by no means comprehensive. IMHO, it is better to refrain from quoting BlogStreet India rather than quoting wrong / misleading info. Inspite of the recent makeover, Blogstreet India has no claim to fame other than the fact that it was one of the very first directories in India. It's new feature also featured Digg style page where users can submit their favourite articles.

The CNN-IBN article talks about the forthcoming BlogCamp in Chennai and also interviews few Chennai-based bloggers who incidentally happen to be co-ordinators for the Blogcamp. Few snapshots from this blog were also featured in the video clip.


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